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Out Patient Clinic

Our hospital provides diagnosis and care to the patients who do not need to stay overnight.

Narayana hospital is listed as a top outpatient clinic service in Bihar. We totally understand your call on staying or not in the hospital unless it is necessary. We have emergency and observation services available anytime. We have hospitalized many patients on same-day surgery.

Services available:

  1. Laboratory Test
  2. Mental Health Care
  3. X-ray and other radiology services
  4. Medical supplies
  5. Preventive and screening services

Our patient suitability is our prior responsibility. Above mentioned all services are near. The outpatient department of our hospital is structured on the ground floor which is connected with a car-parking facility nearby. For a non-ambulatory patient, wheelchair and stretchers are also present.

The waiting room consists of different patients and their families for them facilities are similar in case of both inpatient and outpatient.

About the cost factor, every single facility provided to outpatient is the same as to inpatient apart from staying facility. So, outpatient payment cuts the amount of staying. Specialities & Services