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Endochrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

The Department of Endochrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, managed by NARAYANA HOSPITAL to support patients, provide the best treatments and provide facilities which leads it to the finest hospital in Patna.

Endochrinology is the study of Endocrine System like thyroid hormone, growth hormone, insulin in the human body.

It is concerned with developmental events, growth differentiation and psychological or behavioral activities like sleep, digestion, mood, stress, reproduction, excretion etc.

Significant diseases and tests:-

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs due to when blood sugar level reaches the above range. It can be of two type:

Cause of diabetes:- Genetic cause, life style.

Treating diabetes:

Metabolism its a process occur in a living organism to maintain life. It main function is conversion of food to energy to run cellular process.