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Accident & Emergency Medicine

Narayana Emergency Hospital specialises in providing Accident & Emergency Medicine. We have a team of experienced and qualified doctors/nurses, available 24x7 for attending critical cases. On time treatment helps in faster recovery of patients. Till date we have treated thousands of patients who have either suffered from critical accident or any medical emergency. The doctors are send to different seminars and conferences where they learn new methods of treatment.

Our hospital is equipped with technically sound medical equipment and medicines. They play a very important role in the treatment process. When an accident patient or patient suffered from emergency health condition (like heart attack) is brought to the hospital, then the stuff immediately starts the treatment.

Treatment procedure includes both diagnosis and medication. For some critical patients where surgery is crucial, we have multiple operation theatres so that surgery can be performed immediately without delay.In addition, we also have an easy to access emergency contact number. This number is responded quickly without delay and required help is rendered. For critical patients we also provide ambulance service.

We have a team that assists in getting the insurance claims filled and further processing the claims. This way we take care of both patient and the family member filling the insurance claim.